Eye turning inward in adults

My eyes have always been fine. However, ever since I started wearing contacts about 3 years ago, my right eye has started to turn inward slightly, while my left eye stays the same. Does anyone else have this problem concerning contacts? I saw an optometrist today, and she said that it is highly unlikely that I can get this problem fixed with an eye patch. Does anyone know any other solutions? My right eye isn't always turned inward, it only turns when I'm tired or focus too hard.
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What you need to know about esotropia

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Why might one eye involuntarily turn inwards causing double vision? | Yahoo Answers

Entropion is a condition in which your eyelid, usually the lower one, is turned inward so that your eyelashes rub against your eyeball, causing discomfort. Entropion en-TROH-pee-on is a condition in which your eyelid turns inward so that your eyelashes and skin rub against the eye surface. This causes irritation and discomfort. When you have entropion, your eyelid may be turned in all the time or only when you blink hard or squeeze your eyelids shut. Entropion is more common in older adults, and it generally affects only the lower eyelid. Artificial tears and lubricating ointments can help relieve symptoms of entropion. But usually surgery is needed to fully correct the condition.
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Why might one eye involuntarily turn inwards causing double vision?

In the majority of cases, one eye or the other actually turns outward during the neonatal period. Within the first three months the eyes gradually come into more consistent alignment as coordination of the two eyes together as a team develops. It is common for infants to appear as if they have esotropia, or inward turn of the eyes, because the bridge of the nose is not fully developed. This false or simulated appearance of an inward turning is known as epicanthus. As the infant grows, and the bridge narrows so that more of the white of the eyes sclera is visible on the inner side, the eyes will appear more normal.
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Written by Dr. William Goldstein. Medically reviewed by Michael Garin O.
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